An insightful and entertaining, yet remarkably serious docuseries about Black Men that aims to destroy the misconceptions and damaging stereotypes about black men.


Profiles capturing the business savvy, soul and spirit of some of the most creative and talented professionals in Beauty and Fashion, who, despite great talent, popularity and hard-work, have never had their stories told…until now.


Follow the life of Kori Bailey as she struggles with the pursuit of making it in Hollywood and searching for her big break as she refuses to be classified as just another “black actress.”


One woman’s journey to find her perfect man. But when the bar is the President of the United States, is it even possible? She’s determined to find…Her Obama


Weekly series that showcases the emergence of breakthrough actors, filmmakers & storytellers. Get exposed to the new voices creating the stories and images that reflect today’s culture.


A Nuyorican couple from the Bronx who refuse to accept that the honeymoon is over as they go out of their way to keep their relationship hot and spicy. They find that in life and love, there’s always room to laugh.


In the aftermath of losing his job and girlfriend, Henry experiences the lows of self-discovery. In this awkwardly funny story, set in New York City, we follow him through his daily struggles of trying to be a “great guy.”


Dramedy about All-American professionals whose lives don’t fit the perceptions expected of them. They live “in between” a mainstream gay world they don’t relate to, and a straight world they don’t belong to.


Dramatic series about three friends as they learn that when it comes to relationships, even with experience, there is no playbook. Love, life, and the pursuit of sexiness. . . its all happening on Lenox Avenue.


After a recent break-up, a woman joins her besties into the world of health and fitness. But when the girls join a man-magnet fitness group, their love lives get more of a workout than they bargained for.

The story of a group of twenty-somethings who embark on an ambitious but dangerous journey to become millionaires before they turn thirty.

A Sitcom about the behind the scenes of a TV Cop drama set in Boston! While the on-air drama is intense, things get real when the cameras stop rolling and the comedy begins! Find out what really happens behind the Blue Line.


THE DRIVE is an original docu-series profiling successful and dynamic multicultural women in various fields sharing their journey of where they are now, how they got there and where they’re headed next.


T(hings) I L(earned) This Week is Smart. Funny. Black. Comedian and culture critic Amanda Seales blends the perfect balance of wit and silliness to give you your weekly dose of pop culture, music and news.


Travel the world with the free-spirited, cultural enthusiast Travelista Teri, as she discovers new places and cultures, meets fascinating characters and has exciting adventures around the globe.


Four best friends have big dreams for their LA-based fashion PR firm…The only problem is…Murphy’s Law is in full effect and everything that can go wrong is just about to. Can these women work it out and make a name for themselves?